Coalition for the Defense of Sexual and Reproductive Rights

September 28 activities include:

At central level:

The main activity will be an event which will take place in Maputo, 30th September, from 3-5 pm:

– Tribute to the pioneers of the movement for the decriminalization of abortion in Mozambique such as Dr. Mocumbi, former Prime Minister and Minister of Health, prominent Mozambican Ob-Gyn and academic Dr. Fernanda Machungo, Dr. Bugalho, Dr. Nafissa Osman, Dr. Dalmasia, lawyer and technical advisor for the Health Minister in legal matters, representing the MOH.
– Press release with relevant media-writing, television and radio to national, provincial and community level (community radios) and facts about Abortion, including the pleadings on the decriminalization of abortion law within the Penal Code.
– Launching and wide dissemination of a 5m and 15 m video, performed during the event of the Global Day of Action on safe abortion in 28 of September 2013, IEC material on the new legal context of the law and an Advocacy toolkit focusing on abortion.
At provincial level
In the process of expanding the Coalition to the provinces, Inhambane province will mark the date with an event to officially launch the Coalition in that province

*Coalition members include:

Women in Law in Southern Africa (WLSA);
Pathfinder International;
Mozambican Association of Midwives (APARMO);
Mozambican Organization for Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AMOG);
Forum Mulher;
Mozambican Association of Women Lawyers (AMMCJ);
Mozambican Association for Family Development (AMODEFA);
Coalition Association of Mozambique; Women, Law and Development (MULEIDE);
Mozambican Network of Organizations Against AIDS (MONASO)