Catholics for Choice new film “Why Trust Women” launch coincided this year with International Safe Abortion Day on September 28.

Religion is often pitted against individual freedoms—including a woman’s right to make ethical choices over her body. So it’s enormously important—now more than ever—that we engage in a conversation about the values that underpin a prochoice position. What are the theological traditions of Catholicism and other faiths that revere individual conscience? What does it mean for doctors and society writ large to believe that women can be trusted to make informed, ethical decisions? Why should women have autonomy over decisions that impact the rest of their lives?

Catholics for choice hope that this film will serve as an educational tool for advocates, students, doctors, policymakers and others to fortify their ability to defend a prochoice position from a place of authority and moral clarity.

You can share this film with your community. Here are few ways to do so:

  1. Share the video on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #WhyTrustWomen. Here is a toolkit with sample posts.
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