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PAC Consortium: Imagining a World Free from Postabortion Care Stigma

  Imagining a World Free from Postabortion Care Stigma Every year, 47,000 women die because of unsafe abortion and millions more face injuries, including hemorrhage, infection, chronic pain, secondary infertility and trauma to multiple organs. Unsafe abortion accounts for 13% of pregnancy-related deaths worldwide. Of the 38 million abortions performed annually in developing countries, more […]

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#idecide my future – Support IPPF Global Campaign

222 million women in the developing world want contraception but can’t get it. We know from our partners on the ground what the impact of this is — many women become are vulnerable to unplanned pregnancy and face the risk of seeing their child die from poverty related causes.

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Call for demonstrations across Europe − 20 August

Support the rallies in Dublin, Galway and Cork in Ireland and in London on 20 August 6pm outside the Irish Embassy History: 18 year old asylum seeker in Ireland raped, refused an abortion, threatened suicide, went on hunger and liquid strike, court order obtained by doctors to forcibly hydrate her and do a forced caesarean […]

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