Criminalizing Abortion Constitutes Institutional Violence

September 28 campaign in Latin America and the Caribbean is calling for the international mobilisation to demand decriminalisation of abortion in seven countries in the regional where abortion is completely prohibited and penalised

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1 in 3 Campaign: on-line abortion speak out on November 20

Join us for the first ever online abortion speakout on November 20! Over 100 people will make history and share their experiences with abortion during our 8 hour broadcast.

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European Parliament: Please Guarantee Access to Safe and Legal Abortion for Every Woman in the EU

International human rights law recognizes that obtaining a safe and legal abortion is crucial to women’s and girls’ effective enjoyment and exercise of their human rights, including, among others, the rights to life, non-discrimination, equality, health and privacy.

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Jandira Magdalena dos Santos Cruz (27 years old) and Elisângela Barbosa (32 years old) have died because they have chosen to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

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Abortion ban in el Salvador

Amnesty International: End the ban on abortion in El Salvador

Every year, thousands of women and girls are denied their human rights by El Salvador’s total ban on abortion. The Salvadoran government is ultimately responsible for the resulting deaths of women and girls, and for the thousands whose human rights have been violated by the ban.

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PAC Consortium: Imagining a World Free from Postabortion Care Stigma

  Imagining a World Free from Postabortion Care Stigma Every year, 47,000 women die because of unsafe abortion and millions more face injuries, including hemorrhage, infection, chronic pain, secondary infertility and trauma to multiple organs. Unsafe abortion accounts for 13% of pregnancy-related deaths worldwide. Of the 38 million abortions performed annually in developing countries, more […]

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