This September 28, SAIGE and its partners support the International Safe Abortion Day with the theme: Self-managed Abortion by focusing our demands around access to medical abortion as an important method for women seeking to end pregnancies. We come from an understanding that the lived realities of the global south are unique and our lived experiences need to be centered in the discourse on access to medical abortion. We hope to contribute ongoing conversations by reflecting our concerns and voices while demanding a reproductive justice approach and lens to medical abortion, thus, reclaiming our epistemologies that are often erased or subsumed under the dominant narrative. Through this year’s campaign, we strive to retain a focus on feminist solidarity during this difficult time. We will stay focused, energized, reflective, and motivated, for which taking care of ourselves and each other is essential. We will bring out the stories, our stories from the Global South.

View and download the reference for the SAIGE adaptation of this year’s #Sept28 campaign here.

#AbortionIsEssential #MedicalAbortionNow