Campaign alert: #Sept28 Success!

On behalf of the September 28 Coordination team, congratulations!!!

Here are just a few highlights of the many, many ways in which activists mobilized worldwide, speaking out against #abortionstigma and demanding access to safe and legal abortion!

  Argentina                                    Pakistan                                     USA
  Poland                                      El Salvador                             Nigeria

  UK                                        Ireland                                     Spain

  Uganda                                               Nicaragua                            Mexico

   Macedonia                                  Philippines                           New Zealand

  Kenya                  Peru                                                      Bangladesh

  South Africa                                 Georgia                                Nepal

For details on national and community actions, please CLICK HERE.

For more selfies, please CLICK HERE.
And many other actions are still taking place!More detailed #Sept28 reports to come later this month! Please remember to share your initiatives with us at

Thank you for joining the Global Day of Action and advocating for abortion rights worldwide!

Diverse Actions, Different Places, One Demand:Access to Safe & Legal Abortion NOW!

September 28 Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion forms part of the campaign activities undertaken by  International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion, that aims to build an international movement to promote universal access to safe, legal abortion as a women’s health and human rights issue. As part of the International Campaign Advisory Group, WGNRR leads the coordination of September 28 annual campaigning activities, conducted by Campaign and WGNRR members, as well as allies around the world. September 28 has been a regional campaign for decriminalisation of abortion in Latin America and Caribbean for nearly twenty years before being taken on by SRHR activists all over the world as a Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion in 2011.