Cameroon Grasroots Global Network

Women and young people asking for services, information, access to safe and affordable abortions.



15th and 28th of September 2012.

Type of the event:

Local radio broadcast, awareness raising activity, cultural event, workshop/training.

Description of the event:
Stakeholders: Traditional doctors, medical doctors, women’s groups, youth groups, community, Parliamentarian of Ntare community and Church elders. The issues we will be addressing is letting the country as a whole know the number of illegitimate children in the rural areas and know how many women and girls die as a result of unsafe abortion, the number of women who can no longer be pregnant because of unsafe abortion and number of school drop outs in the rural areas because of unsafe abortion. We want to also tell the government to go right down to the grassroots level and see the suffering of the community because of unsafe abortion. We do not want only paper work and statistics but action. We expect at least 150 people .Our speakers will be Emmanuela Pemambu, the youth leader, Tchaptchet kemai Mieille, Tanshi John is a local chief, lawyer kepsue, doctor laute. The young people on that day will be mourning other young people who died as a result of unsafe abortion. We believe by the end of our activities, the parliament will start thinking on how to reform the abortion laws in order to protect and fulfill sexual and reproductive rights.