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September 28 Signature Action!

This September 28:

  1. Gather in an open area!
  2. Blow up orange and purple (rubber)* balloons and write with markers myths you have heard surrounding abortion stigma on them.
  3. Take a picture with all of the inflated balloons with the myths written on them.
  4. BUST the balloon (the myth) in unison!
    The importance of this symbolic act is twofold: We will be tangibly “busting the myth” and we will be creating noise: breaking the stigma and removing the silence surrounding abortion!

*Rubber balloons are biodegradable and disintegrate in 2 months, just please remember to dispose of them properly after the activity is done to avoid posing a hazard to various types of wildlife as animals may mistake remaining pieces for food.

Share your Bust The Balloons, #BustTheMyths photos via Social Media or send them to the email: