BAYA (Bangladesh’s Assembly of Youth Advocates)

Event: Social Media Campaign for Young Men

BAYA (Bangladesh’s Assembly of Youth Advocates) the first Youth Organization in Bangladesh working on SRHR for Youth has organized a Social Media Campaign for Young Men between (15-28) to share their thoughts in ”Why do they think women need access to safe abortion”
We have asked men to write their thoughts in 3-5 lines.

Women campaigning for Access to Safe Abortion is something we get to see during every event for women’s rights. For a change, BAYA has organized this Campaign only for Young Men to speak up on women’s rights and abortion. Keeping in mind UN’s #HeforShe Campaign.

We hope through this Social Media Campaign , we are able to bring out the true meaning of ”feminism” to the world! We also hope that Campaigning for Women’s Rights and especially on Access to Safe Abortion won’t be only women’s issues in the near future.

BAYA was founded by Krishti Aung Leona (ASAP Youth Champion, Bangladesh) and is run by a team of young dedicated SRHR advocates in Dhaka.

Here’s the link to our Facebook page where the campaign is on-going :