ALRANZ, Women’s Health Centre and other pro-choice groups

Abortion still being in the NZ crimes act, like right now, in 2012. What does this mean? It means that while abortion is widely available in NZ, the majority of abortions are actually peformed through a legal loophole on the grounds of harm to the mental health of the pregnant person. The fact that it’s in the Crimes Act and not the Health Act is stigmatising, which creates a whole host of problems when it comes to accessibility and aftercare. This is why we need to keep fighting for an update to abortion laws to bring them up to best medical practice. Currently leading this initiative are a number of organisations such as ALRANZ, Women’s Health Centre and other pro-choice groups.

Since September 28th is the Global Day of Action To Safe And Legal Abortion, we will be holding a presentation/workshop on abortion in NZ. There will be time for discussion afterwards along with drinks and nibbles.

Venue: AUSA Exec Chamber (behind Munchy Mart, look out for signs). 

Time: 5:30-7:30pm.

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