Adele Reproductive Health Foundation


Event: Make a difference as a champion in your own community: Break the Silence

Date(s): Various dates with a focus on 28th September 2013

Various activities

  • Public awareness raising activities
  • Social media (internet, SMS)
  • Survey
  • Meeting


We have plans to conduct various activities ranging from public awareness raising activities, to social media campaign, meeting and in clinic setting survey. This survey will investigate the reasons for poor implementation and access to accurate contraceptive information and comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services in Cameroon using Q & A to better understand how providers shape and implement policy and how provider-level barriers might be overcome.

Target audience: men and women of reproductive age, community health workers, and policy makers.


We want to sent out at least 60 emails and SMS messaging, hold two meetings with national stakeholders who would help with the survey so that the results are representative and valid. They will also help to submit good questions for the survey. At least 100 women will give their opinion about abortion and its legalization.


  1. CEO of Adele Reproductive Health Foundation
  2. The Coordinator of Women and Gender Project
  3. The Director of the Clinical Training Center for Family Planning


To generate evidences to guide policy decision and to overcome barriers in shaping legal abortion provision and implementation in Cameroon.