Abortion Rights Campaign

Chosing ChoiceCity: Dublin

Event: Choosing Choice: Packing up Stigma Exhibition

Description: Choosing Choice: Packing Up Stigma Exhibition features photographic works from ‘Against the Tide’ by Rose Comiskey (Ireland), ‘When They Hold Their Hands Out Like Scales’ by Emma Campbell (Northern Ireland) and digitised print works from ‘Good Women Have Abortions’ by Heather Ault (USA) with curatorial support by Jennette Donnelly.

The public is invited to contribute to the ‘Choosing Choice: Packing Up Stigma” Exhibition in a drop-in mixed-media workshop. ‘Case Studies’ is a community installation that the public is invited to add to. An anonymised collection of cases packed with their stories, artefacts and representations will confront the stigma and silence associated with abortion experiences, particularly for those who have had to travel abroad due to the restrictions placed on access to abortion services on the island of Ireland.

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