*As shared by local partnerĀ Udruga PaRiter

We refuse to engage with the right-wing organizations on the discussion “when does life begin”. Because of that, this Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion we will mark it with a complete change in the strategy. On Thursday, 28th of September at 18 hours, the Platform for reproductive rights does not demand just safe and legal, but widely available and free abortion!

Reproductive rights acknowledge the right of a woman to terminate her pregnancy but to plan to parent as well. The politicization of reproductive rights means that we have to fight for free and quality public health and education, a sufficient number of public kindergartens and nurseries, safe workplaces and implementations, and development of housing policies that are taking solidarity into account.

The right to abortion cannot be secured by bringing just the legal framing because legal equality does not take into account uneven material preconditions that dictate whether the person will be able to practice that right. Unemployed women, women who have short-term contracts, women from rural areas, women with children without family and community support, women asylum seekers – they do not have the real choice; often they do lack the money to get the abortion done and often lack any conditions to raise their children.

The fight for reproductive rights that does not seek free and publicly funded abortion is mere a fight for privileged women that have the resources to make use their rights at all times.

We demand abortion that’s available to every single woman that wishes to have one!