The Abortion Advocacy and Campaign Partnership (AACP) is organising a global social media campaign building up to Sep28 Global Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion.

AACP, an initiative of WGNRR with support from Safe Abortion Action Fund, is a global partnership of safe and legal advocates focusing on young people, key affected populations, rural and urban community women, legal reforms, medical abortion hotline providers, and abortion providers from 14 countries.

Join us!  #StandUpSpeakOut against #AbortionStigma! Please see below social media schedules:

  1.       Google Hangout:  (4-6pm GMT+3)  Sep 28th see:
  2.      Twitter Chat Date: (4-6pm GMT+3)  Sep 27th– set Questions for discussions
  3.      Tweetathon- Sep 28th (All Day including live tweets from our various global events)
  4.      Blog Carnival Sep 24-Sep 28th  

Hashtags:  #Sep28  #Abortionstigma #SRHRDialogues #BustTheMyths

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