Women Help Women mobilize on September 28


On September 28th 2016 Women Help Women, TICAH Kenya and groups from 7 Sub-Saharan countries, launched jointly MAMA network (Mobilising Activists around Medical Abortion) that is co-convened by WHW. The program is supported by AmplifyChange. MAMA network will improve the quality of information and services locally, create new resources for women and community health workers, strengthen the outreach and visibility of local hotlines through joint action. The program mobilises community health workers and lay activists to share information about abortion pills and become advocates for abortion rights.

Women Help Women also published an article on Sex Right Africa Network’s website:

Empowering women and de-stigmatising abortion with pills


During this day, Women Help Women also launched a collection of statements and stories from people who risk jail to help others access abortion.

Women help women everywhere. We help because it is a moral thing to do.

#nomoreprosecutions #stepintoourshoes #notacriminal #trustwomen

Email them at partner@womenhelp.org if you want to share your story (anonymously).