Unsafe abortion is a public health disaster and a major human rights violation issue. On a global scale unsafe abortion […]

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Community Life Bangladesh

We should act together to ensure that no women has to die, end up crippled or have a traumatic and stigmatizing experience for seeking MR services.

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Campaign Materials

On this page you will find the materials that can be used for your mobilisation for September 28. WGNRR team has developed specially for this day of action banner posters and stickers with the slogan “Diverse Actions, Different Places, One Demand!” reflecting the massive mobilisation by activists around the globe for the right to access to safe and legal abortion as a human right.

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Campaign updates

September 28 Campaign September 28 Campaign

Abortion Rights in Turkey exist in theory, but in practice?

March 5, 2015

In Turkey, abortion was legalized in 1983. It is legal until the 10th week after conception. This increases to 20 weeks if there is a concern about the mental or physical health of the woman, or the pregnancy is a result of rape. So far so good, right? 32 years after its legalization, however, one of my friends in Istanbul told me that her legal abortion request was refused by all four state-hospitals that she went to.

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September 28 Campaign September 28 Campaign

Observe the New Penal Code – Letter to the President of Dominican Republic

November 28, 2014

Your solidarity needed urgently! The new Penal Code in Dominican Republic was approved which results in criminalisation of abortion in all circumstances. Join the twitter campaign today and send your letter to the President Danilo Medica @PresidenciaRD using #ObserveCP and CCing @HenryMolina @Ratehol @DaniloMedina

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Campaign Coordination Team Campaign Coordination Team

Sept 28 around the world: Sri Lanka

October 1, 2014

It’s Her Right Campaign Sri Lanka  launched an advocacy video with real life stories from women who have undergone an unsafe […]

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