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Festival of Choice

The London Festival of Choice aims to raise awareness of threats to reproductive rights and the plight of those in countries around the world who do not have access to safe and legal abortion.
The Festival also wishes to celebrate the solidarity and feminist activism and to strengthen and support the prochoice message, locally and globally.

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Campaign Materials

On this page you will find the materials that can be used for your mobilisation for September 28. WGNRR team has developed specially for this day of action banner posters and stickers with the slogan “Diverse Actions, Different Places, One Demand!” reflecting the massive mobilisation by activists around the globe for the right to access to safe and legal abortion as a human right.

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Campaign Videos

Collection of videos resources helpful in your advocacy for the right to safe and legal abortion.

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This year we want to create as much buzz as possible around our campaign and increase visibility, both online and offline, through stories, user generated content, media, events, and social media.

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Map of Global Actions

Campaign updates


We’d love to hear from you!


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“Step into Our Stories, Step Into our Shoes” / September 28 – Global Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion

By Love Matters in partnership with WGNRR 09.28.2016-PRESS RELEASE “I have still not shared my experience with most of my friends and family.  I want to be able to stand up and tell women that having an abortion, which 1 in 3 women do, is not such a big deal. I would like to be […]

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The experience is difficult: Step Into Our Shoes

Perspectives on abortion rights and access in Venezuela Find original post here My name is Josefina*, I’m from Caracas, Venezuela, and I am 26 years old. I’m a lawyer, activist at PLAFAM, and I was part of International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere’s Youth Network. When I was 23, I experienced firsthand what it is to […]

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Young People Choose: The International Safe Abortion Day Watchdog

This Watchdog is authored, edited and designed entirely by young people and features essays, art and poetry from around the world. We hope you will enjoy and learn from this edition of our Watchdog and we especially hope you will feel moved to action on this International Safe Abortion Day!

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“Unsafe abortion is still killing tens of thousands women around the world” – UN rights experts warn –

Speaking ahead of the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion, a group of United Nations human rights experts* called on States across the world to repeal restrictive abortion laws and policies, and all punitive measures and discriminatory barriers to access safe reproductive health services.

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Denial of Abortion Service in Nepal

Original post By: Kumari: A Feminist In 2002, abortion was legalized in Nepal and made widely available. Abortion is permitted up to 12 weeks gestation on request and up to 18 weeks in cases of rape, incest, and health risks to the woman or fetus. Abortion services were established at most government hospitals, private hospitals, […]

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Let’s Talk Abortion

Original post By: Kumari: A Feminist There is a general logic behind the existence of human-kind in the universe. The logic is human is born to reproduce and continue its generation. Not only humans but animals also have to reproduce because of their sexual instincts. However, we now have birth control and abortion which allows […]

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Original link Written by: Bonita Sharma Editted by: Smriti Thapa, Coordinator  After 14 years of legalization of abortion which led to reduced maternal mortality related to unsafe abortion and improved women’s health in Nepal, it is really sad to state abortion is still stigmatized in the country which has restricted women’s access to safe abortion. […]

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“Step into our stories” #StepIntoOurShoes – UGANDA

Abortion is generally illegal in Uganda and is criminalised up to 14 years in prison. However, it is permissible for a doctor under the penal code to carry out an abortion if it places the life of the pregnant person at risk.

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La Policía Nacional de Nicaragua y las Comisarías de la Mujer y la Niñez -entre los años 2003 al 2013-, registraron 290 personas denunciadas o detenidas por el delito de aborto acorde a la nueva legislación penal del añp 2008 en que fue aprobado el Código Penal.

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